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Request an Outage

This form must be submitted a minimum of 10 business (14 calendar) days prior to the requested date for HVAC, plumbing or electrical outages. Fire alarm and sprinkler outages/tests require 5 business (7 calendar) days notice. Placing the Fire Alarm System in test only as a precautionary measure (where the bells are not expected to ring) can be coordinated through your Project Manager without submitting this form.

Any outage where a shorter notice is requested must be pre-approved by Plant Operations. If you need an emergency outage, please contact your Project Manager immediately. Once they have confirmed, please submit this form with the agreed upon date and reference the approval along with any other necessary information in the Description of Outage field.

In all cases, contractors must wait for Plant Operations to confirm that utilities have been secured prior to commencing an outage.

Please be as specific as possible. You must submit a separate form for each type of outage, regardless of date and buildings affected.
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