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Recycling Services

The Homewood Recycling Program is committed to responsible waste reduction and disposal in order to protect the health of our community and our environment. We strive to increase the reuse, recycling and composting of waste generated on the Homewood campus and reduce the amount of waste incinerated. We do this by educating faculty, staff and students about how and why waste should be sorted, making waste segregation easy and convenient; and encouraging the reduction of waste generation by promoting reuse.

Routine Services

We provide regular collection of paper, cardboard, commingled (metal, plastic and glass) recyclables, and trash for all Homewood campus buildings. Food and other compostable material collection is provided in the dining areas on campus and event spaces in Levering Hall.


Supplemental Recycling Services

In addition to regular collection of waste in offices and common spaces, Homewood Recycling will provide large volume recycling and trash collection, and electronics recycling pickup by request. All supplemental recycling pickups are now free.

Please review the FAQ section for more information about regular and supplemental recycling services or email us at

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Furniture Reuse Program 

The Furniture Reuse Program is a new program designed to reuse and recycle office furniture at JHU. The program was created to help reduce the amount of waste generated by the University and to help save money. Please visit our website or review the FAQ section for more information. Any additional questions should be directed to the Furniture Reuse Coordinator.

Furniture Catalog

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Event Support

All catered events will incur a standard hourly labor charge for the delivery and collection of waste bins and the disposal of waste as follows:

• 1-100 people = 1 hour
• 101-200 people = 2 hours
• 201-300 people = 3 hours
• 301+ people = 4 hours

To promote JHU's carbon footprint reduction and recycling rate goals events that request compost bins with at least a 48 hour notice will receive a 50% discount on the labor charge. Please note that requests for compost bins will only be fulfilled if the group or caterer is using all compostable service ware. You can find a list of caterers that provide compostable service ware at no additional charge for JHU events in the Green Event Planning Guide.

In order to effectively schedule and support these events, please submit your event support request at least 48 hours prior to your event. Groups that fail to do so will be charged a minimum of 2-hour labor charge.

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Recycling Services


Leana Houser


Kendall Klosky (Furniture Reuse)

Hourly Rates:

Overtime: $43.30

Frequently Asked Questions

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