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Furniture Reuse FAQs


What is the Furniture Reuse Program? 

The Furniture Reuse Program is a university based program designed to encourage faculty and staff to purchase used furniture before buying new.  The program also allows faculty and staff to divert unwanted furniture from the incinerator to a surplus warehouse for purchase by other departments or recycling.  By doing so we not only reduce the amount of material we are throwing away but departments can save money buying quality used furniture rather than new.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, purchasing furniture, or have further questions, please contact the Furniture Reuse Coordinator.  

How do I know what used furniture is available, before I purchase new items? 

To see what is in stock, first visit our website at  If you are interested in seeing specific pieces in person and would like to visit the warehouse at Keswick, contact Kendall Klosky, the Furniture Reuse Coordinator to schedule a walk through. Visits are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to availability. 

Before arriving for your visit, please make sure to have the following specs ready to ensure the visit is efficient.

  • Type(s) of Furniture Needed: Desk, Chair, Credenza, etc.
  • Number of Pieces Needed
  • Style of Finish or Color: Metal, Cherry Wood, Oak Wood, etc.
  • Dimensions or Size of the Piece(s) Needed

I picked out a piece of furniture. How do I get it to my office? 

Once you have selected your furniture and submitted a furniture reuse request, you will be contacted by the FRC within 48 hours on how to arrange delivery.

If the weight of your chosen item(s) is less than 200 pounds and/or under 2 hours of work, you can schedule the move via the Homewood Recycling Office. The FRC will coordinate this type of move for you.   

If the weight is more than 200 pounds and/or over 2 hours of work, you will have to coordinate with the FRC and hire an outside mover to have the furniture delivered. Below is a list of local movers who can provide moving services.

  • Broadway Transport Services 
  • Hoffberger Moving Services
  • Von Paris Moving and Storage

If you are using an outside mover you will still need to process your payment via the furniture reuse request form using your department's Cost Center or Internal Order. A Fund number is also required. If you do not have this information available, please contact the person responsible for your department''s financial oversight.

All moves, whether provided by Homewood Recycling or an outside mover, will typically take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Is this program free?

The furniture offered through the Furniture Reuse program is not free, however delivery is free under certain circumstances. Furniture is available for purchase at a significantly reduced cost, as it is used.

If you are purchasing just a few items under 200 lbs. the furniture can be delivered by Homewood Recycling for no additional cost.

However, if you are purchasing a large number of pieces and/or very heavy items you will need to pay for an outside mover to transfer the furniture from our warehouse to your space. Moving costs associated with outside movers will depend on the hourly rate per mover and the amount of time needed to complete the job.

My office has unused furniture in good/fair/poor condition. How do I dispose of these items?

If you have a small number of pieces you can submit a request for a surplus furniture removal. Furniture will be picked up by Homewood Recycling for free. Please include photographs of the items and a brief description and the FRC will determine if they can be added to the surplus furniture inventory. If they are not usable internally at JHU they may be donated or recycled which will be coordinated by the FRC. If the material is over 200 lbs or a large quantity of pieces you will need to hire an outside moving company.

What items are not acceptable as part of the Furniture Reuse Program? 

Lighting, refrigerators, scrap metal, electronics. All of these materials, except lighting, can be picked up by Homewood Recycling using the recycling request form on this website. Collection of lighting should be directed to the Electric Shop using the service request form. Any traditional office furniture can be taken to Keswick.  This would include desks, chairs, credenzas, any tables, bookcases, file cabinets, etc.  

What if I purchase items and decide I do not want them once they get to my office?

Furniture purchased from the warehouse will have a zero refund policy. If you are unsure of the item and would like to see it in person, you can schedule a visit to the warehouse with the Furniture Reuse Coordinator. Once the order has been processed and the item is delivered to your office, you will not receive a refund for your purchase. The items can be returned to the Keswick warehouse at the purchaser's expense.

My office is in East Baltimore, am I able to purchase furniture through this program?

We encourage you to first browse furniture on the health system's furniture reuse website at Their warehouse is conveniently located in East Baltimore.

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